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Channel Letter Signs are by far one of the most used types of building signs and with good reason. A channel letter sign can be built in any size or shape, making them perfect for any building. A channel letter sign is also known as a 3D sign. They are highly durable using aluminum for the back and sides, and translucent acrylic for the front. They can be outfitted with lighting using either neon or LED and can be mounted on virtually any building surface.
Custom channel letter signs are one of the most effective modes of outdoor advertising available. They attract passersby into the business, and they tell clients who are searching for your business that they have found it. Imagine potential shoppers driving past a grocery store that did not have any advertising out front. Even though they want what the grocery store has to offer, they wouldn’t go inside simply because they wouldn’t know that it was there. Channel letters bring people into businesses; it’s simple as that. If you are looking to partner with a Houston Channel Letter Sign builder, look no further than Decals77.

Standard Channel Letter

A standard channel letter is the most common type of channel letter. Lighting can be added for better night time visibility. They are great for those seeking a building sign that clearly displays the business name and / or logo, and are not wanting to spend too much on a sign.

Neon Channel Letter

Neon Channel Letter Signs are highly visible signs, especially at night. They used to be extremely popular a few years back, and are still the go to choice for many industries. We are able to build exposed neon signs and neon channel letter signs in any size and shape. Give your business that bright look.

Reverse Channel Letter

Reverse channel letter signs are built differently than the others. They have a space between the sign and wall, and have LED lights inside. When illuminated at night, the light and space create a halo like effect. They are extremely visible at  night. Give your business the best presence with a reverse channel letter sign!

The Best Houston Channel Letter Sign Builder

Channel Letters comes in different styles. We design  and build the perfect sign for your type of business! We are equipped with cranes to mount signs on any building.

At Decals77, we have years of experience in channel letter fabrication. Look at our  gallery, and recognize some of our work  around Houston. Give us a call or send us a quote request for your next project!

Channel Letter Sign Gallery

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